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TVSquared was aquired by Innovid in February 2022. As a measurment leader, we deliver cross-platform TV analytics for all sides of the global TV ecosystem, empowering the buy– and sell-side to measure linear and CTV together– counting and attributing reach and outcomes at scale.  Through world-class technology, combined with collaboration we have pioneered advertisers’ use of real-time analytics for greater transparency, accountability, precision, performance and scale.

Thousands of buyers and sellers on six continents rely on our enterprise-grade measurement platform to maximize reach, identify the right audiences and drive business growth with TV – across platforms, channels and screens.


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Since our start in 2012, TVSquared’s sole focus has been on solving TV measurement worldwide. Our founding team spent decades in fintech, an industry where real-time, accurate data and analytics underpin every business decision (many of which have to be made in seconds). Our deep roots in data science and engineering stem from creating platforms that scale on demand, take in data of any kind, process insights in real time and work to the highest standards for privacy and security.

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