asi 2021:

TVSquared and Sky discuss the power of balancing precision and scale in data-driven TV advertising.

Impression-based measurement is transforming all forms of TV, delivering greater transparency and accountability along with precise measurement and attribution. With this change, advertisers are moving beyond ratings and shifting TV measurement to be about delivering on outcomes and results, including de-duplicated reach across linear and streaming. TVSquared and Sky explore the available datasets transforming TV’s future, and share real-life cases on how deterministic data is being leveraged today at scale, for linear, CTV and addressable advertising.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • Adoption and utilization of deterministic datasets
  • Innovation in data and tech to meet changing demands of the buy-side
  • Benefits of impression-based measurement, including de-duplicated reach across platforms and channels
  • Increased transparency and accountability in TV advertising.

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