Next-Generation TV Measurement & Currency

From linear to CTV, we deliver transparent measurement and attribution across the TV ecosystem – moving currency beyond ratings and basic demographics to impressions and business impact.

Identity-Enabled TV
Measurement & Attribution

Currency-Grade Data

Real-time insights, backed by identity-enabled data sets, change the currency conversation from ratings and programming to impression delivery, authenticated viewership and performance outcomes.

Revenue Growth

Maximize revenue potential for advertiser TV campaigns with always-on analytics that cover inventory performance, impression delivery
and incremental reach for
linear and streaming.

Market Coverage

Local, national and global coverage and workflow automation support full-scale measurement adoption for every media owner, with any data set, in any market, inclusive of 210 U.S. DMAs
and 75+ countries.

Workflow Automation for Cross-Platform TV

Built as enterprise-grade measurement software, the platform powers cross-platform TV analytics for linear, CTV and addressable, delivered via broadcast, cable, local stations and streaming, inclusive of all screens.

Powered by modeled and deterministic data sets, such as ACR, set-top-box and smart TV data, and used by thousands of media sellers, the fully automated platform is the only enterprise-scale solution for converged TV, designed to deliver transparent measurement-- from real-time proof of performance to reach, frequency, incremental reach and audience insights.

Measure Converged TV

Cross-platform measurement built to deliver
census-level insights for reach, frequency and incremental reach.
  • Impression delivery across channels and audiences
  • Most accurate reach and frequency metrics
  • Optimal reach and frequency for
    greatest efficiency
  • Incremental reach beyond linear and across streaming platforms

Quantify TV Impact & Business Outcomes

Measure the immediate and longer-term impact of converged TV campaigns with full-funnel analytics and rapid speed to insight.
  • Proof of performance for all streaming advertisers
  • Online and offline outcomes tie TV ads directly
    to the campaign KPIs that matter most to you and your advertisers
  • Granular TV ad performance by network, platform, program, day, daypart and creative

Inform Activation with Audience Analytics

Link authenticated household-level viewing data along the customer journey for advanced audience analytics that inform activation.
  • First- and third-party data tied to every ad exposure, audience and household for complete identity resolution
  • Audience measurement for reach and frequency, response and targeting accuracy
  • Campaign optimization and activation opportunities for high-value audience segments

Bigger Scale, Better Solutions


Complete cross-platform view with the granularity and accuracy to inform in-flight optimizations and audience activations


Integrations with
MVPDs, broadcasters, streaming publishers, ad servers, DSPs and the wider adtech ecosystem

Unmatched Matching Processes

Solves fragmentation
with identity, at scale, via 1:1 direct deterministic matching at the household level

Always On …

Continuously refreshed platform with real-time reporting for always-on, actionable analysis


Being able to directly measure the impact TV has on driving web traffic and the resulting sales will be an immensely powerful tool … Our emerging insights show that there is a 50-100% increase in web visits attributed to TV vs. traditional models.

Dev Sangani
Director of Strategy & Capability

TVSquared and Effectv analyzed hundreds of U.S. brands to uncover the short- and long-term implications of staying on-air, the impact of COVID-19 across ad categories and the effectiveness of pandemic-related TV creative changes.

TV's Halo Effect
COVID-19 TV Advertising Analysis

Advertisers want one-stop, real-time measurement capabilities from their multiscreen TV campaigns, and through our partnership with Blockgraph and TVSquared, we are able to answer that call for our advertisers across linear and CTV.

Rob Klippel
SVP, Advanced Advertising Products & Strategy