Report: The State of Converged TV:
A Look at Global Trends & Adoption

Largest Converged TV Study Taps into the Global Trends
Shaping the Future of Linear & Streaming Investments

Report Sheds Light on the Need for New Currencies & Holistic
Cross-Platform Measurement

In collaboration with third-party research firms, TVSquared by Innovid's report reveals a global view of the current state of converged TV, with survey insights from nearly 1,000 buyers in the U.S., Europe and Australia. Analyzing billions of ad impressions across 20 converged TV campaigns active on TVSquared by Innovid's ADvantage platform, the report also uncovers insights on incremental reach and how to best approach converged TV strategies.

Report Highlights:

  • The advertising ecosystem is reinventing itself in real time, and the overall mindset as it relates to TV is shifting too. More than 75% of global respondents now define it as both linear and streaming, and over 70% are in agreement that all forms of TV should be sold on impressions.
  • Findings support the need to move past legacy models and toward a more holistic, transparent converged TV marketplace. More than 90% of respondents said transparency of metrics across linear and streaming was important in order to devote ad spend to converged TV.
  • Results further indicate that advertisers are breaking through silos that have long existed between digital and traditional TV advertising. Roughly 40% of buyers are managing for performance/outcomes weekly, with about 10-15% doing it on a daily basis.

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