IAB Brand Disruption ‘21: Revolution in the Age of Converged TV

Audiences are now empowered to watch TV exactly when, where and how they want, leading to more fragmentation across platforms and screens than ever before. This has forced all advertisers to adapt, making converged TV strategies—encompassing traditional linear and streaming platforms—essential for reaching and engaging with the total TV audience. During yesterday’s IAB Brand Disruption Summit 2021, TVSquared sponsored the“New Media Experiences and Insights (Reaching the Unreachables)” block, which delved into the opportunities and challenges surrounding converged TV for both digitally native and legacy brands.

Kicking things off, TVSquared’s Jo Kinsella explained how advertisers’ heightened demand for transparent, reliable data and measurement tools has forced the ecosystem to evolve faster than it has in decades. She stressed that only through collaboration can the industry break down the long-existing silos between linear and digital. Working together, the industry must prioritize measurement innovation in order to ensure that advertisers are able to maximize reach and drive outcomes tied to audiences. It’s simple; if brands are empowered with accurate measurement capabilities that allow them to engage with responsive consumers, they’ll sell more and, in turn, invest more in TV—allowing all sides of the trade to win.

TVSquared's Jo Kinsella, Drizly's Peter Tardif and Papa Johns' Jeff Hagen at IAB's Brand Disruption Summit 2021

Drizly’s Peter Tardif and Papa Johns’ Jeff Hagen also joined Jo to discuss how brands have been reevaluating their advertising strategies amidst TV’s evolution. Both Peter and Jeff stressed how it’s important to their respective companies to strike a balance between targeting broader audiences and more precise, hyper-targeted segments. For brands, it’s vital to have the best data possible in order to secure a strong ROI. Flexibility is also key, especially as brands need to optimize effectively and efficiently.

To maximize converged TV campaigns, brands need to be hyper-aware of the KPIs that are most important to their specific business goals. Ultimately, as TV continues to change rapidly and in real time, consistently measuring, attributing and optimizing ad buys across platforms is the only way to maximize converged TV for reach and outcomes.

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