TVSquared Is Already Prepared for the New World of Data Privacy

March 25, 2020

As the cookie crumbles and the convergence of channels, such as linear and digital video, gains momentum, data access and the infrastructure on which the digital ad industry is built are front and center.

Google phasing out support for third-party cookies is just the latest in a global move toward greater protection for personal data. The reality is, although the TV industry will see less fall out than digital-first companies, theinformation available through smart TVs, subscription services and other online and offline platforms is multiplying, making TV an important player in the next wave of data privacy.

Tracking on CTV is done either with implementation of the IAB’s IDFA initiative or through delivery tracking techniques such as IP addresses. Smart TV and set-top box datasets for linear TV have also never been cookie-enabled, so the disappearance of third-party cookies will have little to no direct impact.

However, concerns around data privacy are not restricted to the proliferation and use of cookies. Personal information and how data is managed, processed and accessed are top of mind, especially as digital becomes more like TV. From the outset, TVSquared has been committed to maintaining high standards of information security and data privacy. For example, TVSquared has followed the stringent GDPR guidelines since 2018, and was in a strong position to meet CCPA requirements when they came into force in January.

As the worlds of linear and OTT collide, consumers, advertisers and publishers alike will be impacted by the principles and approaches we choose to take. TV is in a strong position to lead a new narrative when it comes to the principles of consumer choice and control, so that we can build a sustainable foundation in the new TV era.

Data Security & Privacy is in Our DNA

As the global leader in TV attribution, TVSquared is at the forefront of data protection and consumer privacy. In fact, data security and privacy has been baked into our platform from the start – it’s part of our DNA.

With a global platform leveraged by advertisers in more than 70 countries, TVSquared is well informed and aware of the developments in data privacy and security requirements worldwide.TVSquared was founded in Europe, with an extensive background in fintech, a heavily regulated industry. Compliance with Europe’s extensive GDPR legislation has been built into our platform, and we are constantly monitoring data privacy laws and regulations globally, including CCPA.

As a result, we have established a world-class environment for data protection and management – from our physical infrastructure and the way we process and store data through to how we manage data access and control.

How TVSquared Does Data Protection

Data protection is not any one thing. It entails keeping data physically secure, providing a deep level of transparency and accessibility for consumers, advertisers and publishers and protecting the data – from encryption to security.

With a global footprint that extends to the national, regional and local levels, we recognize the need to operate world-class physical and logical data security, including:

  • Operating multiple, separate physical infrastructures to allow data storage and processing in the country/region of data origin
  • Storing each customer’s data in separate logical databases
  • Regularly running independent third-party penetration tests and full security audits

As highlighted by the public’s growing concerns around protecting privacy, it is critical to ensure that any personal data coming into the platform is securely protected.With TVSquared, data privacy is assured because:

  • All data is encrypted in transit and at rest
  • All IP addresses are irreversibly hashed with keys that include a complex salt before being stored in our fully encrypted databases
  • Results presented in our platform are aggregated, de-identified and anonymized

To meet consumer, publisher and advertiser demands, TVSquared enables transparency and effective data management and control, delivering enterprise-class protection at scale. This means:

  • We operate fully documented, enterprise-class data protection
  • Publishers and advertisers have an effective and scalable way to manage data access and control
  • Transparency and response is always-on, which mean that TVSquared employs a scalable process for helping publishers and advertisers respond to requests for information on data being held, individual opt-out and data deletion

TVSquared’s Position on the “Demise of Third-Party Cookies”

The end of third-party cookies is disrupting much of today’s adtech and martech infrastructure.

Third-party cookies have never been central to TVSquared’s approach. Instead, our approach is based on offering advertisers maximum flexibility when uploading data into our platform. For example, if advertisers want to run impression-based measurement across linear and digital TV, this is cookie free. We collect data directly from ad servers and spot logs and combine it with third-party datasets collected from set-top boxes and connected TVs.

When it comes to uploading website and mobile app response data, we offer a range of data-upload options. Advertisers can either implement user-controlled, first-party cookies directly on their website or use one of our many cookie-free integrations with web and mobile app data platforms, such as Google Analytics and Adjust.

TVSquared is Part of the Solution

Our data ecosystem boasts the industry’s most extensive data partnerships, including world-leading companies that specialize in identity management. This means our customers can use the latest data capture and identity management solutions within our platform – without compromising on accurate attribution and insight.

For TVSquared, privacy is not about checking a box. Rather, it’s part of our DNA – continually evolving in line with consumer and industry demands. As the industry faces this next wave of change, TVSquared’s platform is ready to be part of the solution for ensuring that the future of TV advertising (across all forms of video) is strong and on a path of continued growth and innovation.

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