TV Talk: CTV's Path to Maturity, with MediaMath's Jeremy Steinberg

June 5, 2020

This week on TV Talk with Jo Kinsella, Jo sits down with Jeremy Steinberg, Global Head of Ecosystem at MediaMath, to break down advertiser needs for connected TV (CTV) during COVID, the multitude of benefits derived from the MediaMath Source Platform, and building a new supply chain that is focused on accountability, addressability and alignment.

The Growth of CTV

According to eMarketer,  U.S. CTV ad spend will reach $10.8B in 2021, with 59.4% of CTV ads to be bought programmatically. According to Nielsen, viewership for streaming platforms has more than doubled during the pandemic. On April 4th, Americans watched 27B minutes of streaming content on TV – that’s 50,000 years of content in a day! TVSquared alone has seen increasing OTT impressions of 400% across dayparts.

Jeremy states that, with the current pandemic, many are the hunt for a CTV solution: “Marketers are demanding flexibility, we have significantly more supply than we’ve ever had before, and [there is a] massive need for accountability and attribution.”

Programmatic Linear

“We see a world where you are going to want omnichannel (all screens), and so it makes sense that not only would you want CTV, but you would want linear TV. And as soon as you can measure it all together, it is a home run for brands” says Jeremy.

CTV Challenges

The Icebucket fraud scandal abused the programmatic advertising ecosystem for CTV, successfully impersonating 2M people in 30+ countries and defrauding 300+ brands. As TV becomes more like digital, there will be more opportunities for advanced technically-enabled fraud. Jo and Jeremy highlight the importance of viewability, fraud detection and frequency capping.

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