Real-World Insights on Maximizing OTT

June 2, 2020

What are some useful real-world strategies for advertisers that are either experimenting with OTT for the first time or just looking to maximize their OTT campaigns further? In our recent eBook, “Demystifying Streaming in the New TV Era,” we asked leaders across the TV ecosystem (who have all been on the front lines during this critical, dynamic time for TV) for some of their top pieces of advice. Here are a few examples:

“[TV advertising is] like building blocks – you’re trying to make sure you’re using every part of the budget effectively. Of course, measurement on the back end is crucial too to see what part of the buy drove action. For OTT, in particular, it’s finding that appropriate balance to get your KPI done. It has its place, but brands need to experiment to see how OTT – or any extension tool, for that matter – adds value to that core base. And just like any other buy, it needs to be measured and optimized regularly.” – Andrea Zapata, Former VP of Data Innovation & Insights at Effectv

“Right now, OTT is not something that is ready to go right out of the box; nothing is standardized. I’d recommend starting with a small budget and trying out a few campaigns, but with the realization that tracking/reporting by publisher will be all over the place. They should also understand that it will take time to not only make sure they’re getting the right data, but that they are then putting it to use in a way that will benefit their brands’ goals.” – Achim Spelten, VP of Marketing, Offline Channels at Babbel

“Don’t be afraid to just jump in and try [OTT] at least. With data-driven, digital-like targeting capabilities and measurement solutions, an advertiser can implement a ‘test-and-learn’ campaign with a limited budget to start with. Data based on consumer interactions can inform the brand on how its media placements and creative messaging is performing and optimizations can be enacted when necessary. If the campaign is deemed a success, the agility and flexibility of OTT platforms allow an advertiser to quickly scale up their video plan investment to maximize their ROI.” – Jason Wiese, SVP, Director of Strategic Insights at VAB

“Approach OTT like it’s mobile video. It has the same level of target-ability, it can be tied to big data sources, provide advanced audience profiling and offer additional enhancements. Yes; it can be overwhelming, but many advertisers are more comfortable with mobile video, having advertised on that medium for years. Thinking about OTT in the same vein can make it more manageable.” – Albert Thompson, Managing Director of Digital at Walton Isaacson

Read the full Q&As with these and other key industry leaders, learn the truth behind some of the most common OTT myths and more by downloading our full eBook here.

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