Data Drives Powerful Results During a Time of Crisis

August 10, 2020

In a new report, TVSquared and Effectv released key findings on how TV is impacting digital during COVID-19. As the analysis demonstrates, TV campaigns can create valuable opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers and drive response. By employing audience-based TV advertising strategies to maximize this impact, advertisers can harness data insights to drive optimal reach and frequency, driving incremental traffic to their apps and websites.

Now, during a time without major tentpole events (including sports) and featuring less programming-adjacent sponsorship opportunities, this is particularly relevant. With TV viewership up across platforms—fragmented across a larger set of networks and programs—using data insights to find and track viewing habits is vital.

By analyzing 500+ ad campaigns for the report, TVSquared and Effect found that broader reach campaigns, running across a larger number of networks, have a positive impact on website visits.Here’s what a closer look at the analysis reveals:

  • Campaigns running across 20+ networks yield, on average, 127% higher immediate visitor lift (IVL) numbers vs. campaigns running across fewer than 10 networks (plus, the IVL is 35% higher than campaigns running across 10-19 networks).
  • Prime and Daytime generated more increased traffic to websites in March and April of 2020 than the same time last year.
  • While viewership has been up across all dayparts, it’s particularly pronounced during Daytime; there were +31% and +22% YoY jumps back in March and April, respectively.
  • Throughout all of Q1’20, there was also a 24% increase in immediate visitors per spots during Prime and a 22% increase during Daytime, compared to the previous year.
  • Meanwhile, non-Prime dayparts saw the highest increases in repeat visits, which is probably linked to people spending more time at home due to the ongoing pandemic.

Download TVSquared and Effectv’s new eBook, “The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital,” here for the full insights.

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