The Best of Digital Meets the Best of TV

Working across the advanced TV ecosystem, we support streaming platforms, publishers and DSPs with transparent, real-time measurement and attribution, including reach and frequency, incremental reach and outcomes.

Advanced Analytics for Advanced TV

Incremental Reach

Self-serve platform built for heavy adoption of incremental reach across advanced TV partners delivers always-on, census-level analytics to traditional and digitally-native TV advertisers.

Real-Time Metrics

Always-on, transparent analytics
give publishers the opportunity to deliver more measurable, optimizable and accountable TV campaigns to streaming advertisers.

Proven Outcomes

Prove the value of your inventory
and audiences by measuring the immediate and longer-term impact of streaming campaigns, quantifying business outcomes and delivering ROI.

Cross-Screen, Cross-Platform Measurement & Attribution

The breadth and scale of our measurement platform is unmatched, proving the value of TV audiences and inventory in a highly fragmented, competitive market.

Fully automated and built to scale, the automated platform measures all OTT buys, including targeted CTV campaigns with direct platforms and publishers, programmatic buys via DSPs and SSPs, and addressable investments across content distributors, delivering unique and unduplicated reach, frequency metrics and outcomes to streaming partners.

Measure Converged TV

Cross-platform measurement built to deliver
census-level insights for reach and frequency, and incremental reach.
  • Impression delivery across channels and audiences
  • Most accurate reach and frequency metrics
  • Optimal reach and frequency for greatest efficiency and frequency controls
  • Incremental reach of streaming platforms
    beyond linear

Quantify TV Impact & Business Outcomes

Measure the immediate and longer-term impact of streaming campaigns with full-funnel analytics and rapid speed to insight.
  • Proof of performance for all streaming and programmatic advertisers
  • Online and offline outcomes tie TV ads directly to the campaign KPIs that matter most to you and your advertisers
  • Granular TV ad performance by campaign, placement group, creative, weekday, daypart, device type

Inform Activation with Audience Analytics

Link authenticated household-level viewing data along the customer journey for advanced audience analytics that inform activation.
  • First- and third-party data tied to every ad exposure, audience and household for complete identity resolution
  • Audience measurement for reach and frequency, response and targeting accuracy
  • Campaign optimization and activation opportunities for high-value audience segments

Bigger Scale, Better Solutions


Complete cross-platform view with the granularity and accuracy to inform in-flight optimizations and audience activations


Integrations with
MVPDs, broadcasters, streaming publishers, ad servers, DSPs and the wider adtech ecosystem

Unmatched Matching Processes

Solves fragmentation
with identity, at scale, via 1:1 direct deterministic matching at the household level

Always On…

Continuously refreshed platform with real-time reporting for always-on, actionable analysis


TVSquared delivers quick and reliable measurement for linear and OTT campaigns so that we can understand our reach and frequency and tie TV directly to business outcomes, including online sales.

Kristen Gasior
CMO & Head of e-Commerce

By working with TVSquared and Tubi on its first CTV campaign, Winn-Dixie optimized its buys, with the result being 79% of households reached incremental to linear inventory.

CTV for Incremental Reach
TVSquared - Tubi - Winn-Dixie

Partnering with TVSquared, we are empowering advertisers globally to measure the unparalleled scale of CTV with the same speed, flexibility and transparency of other traditional digital channels.

Kristen Williams
SVP, Strategic Partnerships