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TVSquared is the largest global measurement and attribution platform for linear, CTV and addressable TV

The Single Source of Truth for Converged TV is Here.

TVSquared measures and attributes the effectiveness of linear, CTV and addressable, delivering census-level analytics for thousands of advertisers across more than 75 countries. Working with the buy- and sell-sides, TVSquared’s always-on platform processes billions of ad impressions, connecting viewership and ad occurrence data, at scale, to generate reach and frequency, incremental reach, online and offline outcomes and audience insights.

Trusted by the entire TV ecosystem as the single source of truth, TVSquared measures TV how people watch it — across platforms and screens.

Linear, CTV & Addressable TV Measurement for Everyone, Everywhere

Brands & Agencies

Power TV media effectiveness, optimize reach and drive business outcomes.


Prove the value of linear and streaming inventory and maximize TV revenue.

Advanced TV

Quantify CTV advertising and measure the incremental reach beyond linear.

The Next Generation of TV Currency

Transparency & Measurement for All

TVSquared’s breadth and scale within the TV ecosystem enables it to deliver converged TV measurement and outcomes for advertisers of all sizes and categories – from local/regional brands and high-growth DTCs, to nationally and globally recognized traditional TV advertisers spanning retail, auto, finance, CPG, QSR, etc. Built to be completely automated and flexible, TVSquared's ADvantage XP platform leverages currency-grade data sets that power identity-enabled TV measurement and attribution.

A View of the Total TV Media Universe

Converged TV Coverage:
Any Audience, Any Platform

Direct relationships and industry-wide integrations give TVSquared a competitive edge on converged TV coverage, with access to linear and streaming delivered across all devices and content distributors.

Supported by proprietary ACR technology and integrations with OEMs, MVPDs, data providers, 70+ publishers and 20+ ad servers, TVSquared enables complete cross-channel, cross-platform and cross-device TV ad measurement and attribution.

With built-in identity resolution, advertisers get a true, unduplicated view of audiences that is driven by
privacy-safe first- and third-party data collaboration.

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The Time for
Unified Measurement
is Now

What is the state of converged TV measurement in Europe? How is ADvantage XP, the first cross-platform solution for measurement and attribution across all forms of TV — linear, streaming and addressable — empowering advertisers to maximize audience reach and achieve direct outcomes?
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Press Releases
Europe, UK, United Kingdom, German, ADvantage XP, ADvantage, press release, converged TV, measurement, attribution
October 26, 2021

TVSquared Launches ADvantage XP in the UK & Germany for Converged TV Measurement & Attribution

TVSquared's impression-based, cross-platform solution for linear, streaming and addressable is now available in Europe’s largest TV ad markets.

Press Releases
Germany, converged tv, press release, Europe
October 25, 2021

Germany: Converged TV Study Uncovers Need to Move Past Legacy Approaches to Reach Total TV Audience  

Report looks at converged TV adoption and trends across Germany.

Press Releases
UK, United Kingdom, converged tv, press release, Europe
October 25, 2021

UK: Converged TV Study Uncovers Need to Move Past Legacy Approaches to Reach Total TV Audience  

Report looks at converged TV adoption and trends across the UK.

converged TV
November 2, 2021

The State of Converged TV: Global Trends in a Cross-Platform World

TVSquared's Jamie Lemle talks about the shift in thinking around TV, the need for holistic measurement, the blurring lines between linear + streaming and the role of incremental reach.

UK, United Kingdom, German, Germany, ADvantage, Converged TV, measurement, attribution
October 26, 2021

TVSquared Claims 'First Cross-Platform Measurement' for All Forms of TV

Mediatel looks at the launch of ADvantage XP in the UK and Germany, and what true cross-platform measurement looks like for all forms of linear and digital video. 

case studies
September 28, 2021

Case Study: A Fitness Brand & the Single Source of Truth for Converged TV

Discover how a fast-growing fitness advertiser's converged TV strategy led to incremental reach and game-changing response.

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