Advertising Week 2021: The Power of Converged TV Measurement

TVSquared was joined by VAB, AW Studios, TV Data Initiative, Blockgraph, TransUnion and DISH at Advertising Week 2021 - here’s a look back at these key discussions:

Where Converged TV Meets Collaboration:

VAB's Sean Cunningham joined TVSquared's Jo Kinsella to discuss how currency standards are evolving, the industry-shared passion to evolve TV measurement and the power of linear and streaming, seen through real-life converged measurement results.

Future Finders: The Future of TV Currencies with Jo Kinsella:

TV has been beholden to the same currency for decades, despite shifts in viewership, proliferation of screens and increased audience fragmentation. Today, the TV advertising industry is moving toward currencies that better reflect an evolving, cross-platform universe. TVSquared's Jo Kinsella joined AW Studios to discuss how this shift, combined with industry-wide collaboration, has the power to make the converged TV ecosystem the strongest it's ever been for all sides of the trade.

Data & Collaboration are Driving Factors for Growth & Innovation in a Cross-Platform World:

The TV industry has rapidly evolved from data-poor to data-rich, making it a more powerful medium than it’s ever been. To truly take advantage of this wealth of data, the industry has to tackle some obstacles and legacy behavior that can inhibit progress. Fortunately, there was an optimistic feeling that, through industry-wide collaboration, the opportunities will be vast. Hear from TVSquared, Blockgraph, TV Data Initiative, TransUnion and DISH.

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