VAB Inspire: TVSquared Introduces ADvantage XP for Cross-Platform, Cross-Channel, Cross-Screen
TV Measurement

Realize the Power of Cross-Platform
TV Advertising

New Cross-Platform TV Measurement Unveiled

Jo Kinsella, President of TVSquared, and Danielle DeLauro,
EVP of VAB, unveil insights and use cases on cross-platform TV advertising.

As part of the collaborative movement driving TV forward through data, identity, streaming platforms and performance, TVSquared is excited to reveal ADvantage XP, its premier analytics platform to measure the effectiveness of linear, addressable and OTT/CTV across any device.

Watch a recent VAB Inspire webinar on demand, where we:

  • Unveil ADvantage XP, the new solution for cross-platform TV measurement and outcomes
  • Share insights that are shaping the future of cross-channel, cross-platform, cross-screen TV
  • Dive into real-world examples and benefits of impression-based TV advertising

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