TVSquared Data Policies

November 2020

1. It is the Customer’s responsibility to upload Customer Data in the agreed format to the TVSquared ADvantage Platform.

Data Allowances

2. TVSquared currently operates the following data allowances for its ADvantage Services. All allowances are per Portal unless expressly stated otherwise:

ADvantage Enterprise
Lag Settings

LAG period

Up to 14 days

Up to 28 days

Adjusting the LAG period modeled adjusts the period of time over which downstream actions are attributed as part of the response to a particular TV spot.

Clone Models

No. of clone models

1 clone

Up to 3 clones*

*In the case of ADvantage Enterprise this limit represents the total number of clone models that are operating across all portals covered by Enterprise at any one time.

3. If Customer exceeds these data allowances during their Service term then additional charges may apply.

4. TVSquared will review data usage levels with the Customer at their Initial Service Review and then on an annual basis at their Annual Service Review.

Data Retention

5. Once Customer Data has been processed and Results have been published to a TVSquared ADvantage Portal, Results will remain available through that Portal for viewing, charting and reporting for the duration of the Agreement.

6. All Customer Data (all data provided by the Customer including raw Web session, spot and other uploaded data) older than 90 days will be archived from the underlying data models, with only the latest 90 days of data (on a rolling basis) being maintained as live, and therefore available for re-modeling and data export.

7. All archived Customer Data will be permanently deleted after one year.

8. Should Customer wish to re-model historic data beyond the 90 day window referenced in section 6, for example if Customer requests a change to their LAG settings, then unarchiving and re-modelling that data may be subject to an additional charge.

9. In circumstances where TVSquared needs to re-calibrate the under-lying data models and re-process historic data, no charge will be made.

10. If Customer is off air for a period TVSquared will continue to collect all relevant response data but this data will be archived rather than processed and modeled. Once Customer notifies TVSquared that it is going on air again, TVSquared will begin to process and model all relevant response data again, in line with the on-air dates given by Customer.

11. These data policies may be updated from time to time at TVSquared’s discretion.