COVID-19 TV Insights: TV Attribution in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

COVID-19 is unchartered territory for consumers and advertisers all over the world. With increased video viewership, TV performance and attribution has never been more important.

As the global leader in TV attribution, TVSquared has a unique perspective on how COVID-19 is impacting advertisers. Access ongoing insights and updates related to TV advertising here.

Global TV Ad Insights: March – June 2020

As the world begins to emerge from months of lockdown, TVSquared looks at how TV has performed for advertisers, across categories, during a time of fluctuating viewing and response trends. The following analysis looks at June 2020 TV ad spend, as well as performance and efficiency findings from the start of shelter-in-place in mid-March through the end of June.

DTC Spotlight: Key TV Ad Trends During a Time of Crisis

To identify COVID-19-related TV advertising trends, TVSquared analyzed performance data from hundreds of brands around the world. What we found was that web traffic and response were skyrocketing for DTC categories.

European TV Insights in the COVID-19 Era: April 2020

Due to shelter-in-place orders across Europe, the TV industry has been marked by fluctuating viewership. This “new normal” comes with new insights across brand categories, shedding light on the impact that COVID-19 is having on TV advertising and its performance. TVSquared analyzed the performance of thousands of TV spots from European brands to identify how performance and efficiency is being impacted due to the global pandemic.

TV Insights in the Age of COVID-19: April 2020

As advertisers adjust TV spend and creatives to reach and engage with consumers watching increasingly more video across all screens, what trends have emerged? To find out, TVSquared analyzed April 2020 performance and ad spend data from hundreds of brands across the world.

TV Insights in the Age of COVID-19: March 2020

Due to COVID-19, March 2020 marked the first full month of a homebound economy for many advertisers. In TVSquared’s insights report, we uncovered how brands were adapting to new viewing and response patterns — across industry categories — throughout the month.

Webinar: Leaning into TV During the Time of COVID-19

Our recent “Real Talk with TVSquared” session features a 20-minute conversation with Matt Hultgren, Vice President of Analytics at Marketing Architects. Hear how COVID-19 has impacted advertisers, learn how the agency has helped some brands lean into TV during these uncertain times and discover best practices to ensure TV remains a valuable media tool.

Televisionation: The Defining Role of Attribution and the Impact of COVID-19

TVSquared’s president, Jo Kinsella, spoke with TVOT’s Tracy Swedlow for the “Televisionation” video/audio podcast. In a candid interview about the impact of COVID-19 on TV advertisers across the ecosystem, Jo discusses the top challenges facing TV advertisers in these uncertain times, increasing cross-platform viewership and how brands can take advantage of it, role of attribution and why it’s more important than ever, ad spend and performance trends emerging after the first month of a homebound economy, and tangible things advertisers can do today to ensure campaigns perform in times of flux.

Attribution in the Time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is uncharted territory for all of us. Not only are we dealing with it as professionals, but we’re also navigating it as parents, partners, caretakers, you name it. This is not a topic to take lightly, but it is the world we live in and we need to work together to guarantee that businesses survive and thrive in this “new normal.” As the global leader in TV attribution, TVSquared has a unique perspective on how COVID-19 is impacting advertising throughout the world.

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