The Telecast: DTC Food Delivery

Vertical-Specific TV Performance Insights from TVSquared’s ADvantage Platform

Direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have transformed the way people think about, research and buy everyday purchases. While they started out by making a name for themselves with online marketing efforts, DTC brands are now one of the fastest growing groups of TV advertisers.

While these brands are aware of TV’s unparalleled reach, they are flocking to TV for more than just a massive audience. TV has become a powerful performance-marketing channel—one that can be continually measured and optimized in real time. DTC companies are highly data-driven for every aspect of their business, so TV now makes sense for achieving both their reach and performance goals.

Since food delivery continues to be one of the DTC industry’s most prominent verticals, TVSquared examined multiple U.S.-based DTC food delivery companies to identify the highest and lowest performing TV buy elements and provide advice on how to execute more effective advertising campaigns.

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