Insights: CTV Accelerated - Keeping Up with the New Pace of Change

Download CTV insights to understand more about TVSquared’s scale and the adoption and acceleration in streaming advertising.

For CTV, the pandemic served as an accelerator on multiple fronts – from consumers’ adoption of streaming services and increased viewership, to the rise in ad spending across digital TV platforms.

TVSquared has the largest view of the streaming universe, with integrations on 65+ platforms in the CTV ecosystem, and impression tracking that operates across 20+ ad servers. As a result, data points are amassed across hundreds of publishers, and always-on insights are delivered for measurement and outcomes, including reach, frequency, incremental reach, performance and audience.

To assess the impact COVID-19 had on CTV, and understand the acceleration happening as we enter a post-pandemic world, TVSquared analyzed billions of ad impressions across 20 advertiser categories from January 2020-May 2021, and conducted a streaming-focused survey of 100 agencies and advertisers.

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