Gym site leverages TVSquared to significantly improve CPV

Quick View

  • New to TV advertising, the gym-access marketplace wanted more accountability around TV spend
  • Using ADvantage, runs timely, accurate data analysis to optimize its TV strategy
  • In just three months, improved its cost-per-visit (CPV) by 25%

The Problem started advertising on TV in 2014, with the objectives of growing the business and driving visitors to its website. The company measures TV performance alongside its other marketing channels based on cost-per-visit (CPV). In a multi-channel TV environment, wanted more accountability around its TV ad spend.

Graeme Horne, the marketing director, was familiar with the problem of analyzing TV performance and knew the level of effort and time it often took. Additionally, with seasonal campaigns as people tend to be more interested in gyms after the holidays leading up to summer. had a two-to-three month burst of TV activity. To make the most of these, it needed instant performance data to optimize its TV buying specification.

To meet this need, turned to TVSquared’s ADvantage platform.

According to Horne, What really helped me was that the work that used to take weeks to do properly now takes minutes with TVSquared. The time savings alone justified the investment.

TVSquared also enabled to run the data twice, both non-consolidated and consolidated. Typically, analysis was done on the consolidated data, which came out weeks later. Taking the overnight, non-consolidated data lets work closely with its agency to improve the TV media buying.

During the lead up to summer, also tested some hypotheses. For example, weighting of buying toward females during the major sports events like the World Cup, and weighting toward mornings on the basis that active people are out and about in the afternoon.

The Solution

The Results

Through its analytical approach to TV planning, was able to improve the CPV by 25% during a three-month period.

What’s interesting is with an analytics software tool like TVSquared, you don’t need to be an analyst to use it, you just need to know that data and analysis of performance is important. It’s saved huge amounts of time giving us instant results and given us the confidence to continue to grow our brand through TV advertising.

Graeme Horne

Marketing Director,