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Agency finds the golden goose of media buying: TV-to-web attribution

Quick View

  • A mid-sized U.S. media agency was looking for a TV-to-web attribution tool that both the company and its clients could trust
  • It turned to TVSquared and had major success with the first client to use ADvantage
  • With TVSquared, the agency improved its client’s campaign cost-per-visit (CPV) by 59%

The Problem

Having used other attribution tools, Agency X was looking for one that both the company and its clients could trust, something that lifted the hood on response-driven TV performance.

From experience, Agency X knew how complex offline-to-online TV attribution could be. Too often, it was left to the agency to calibrate the tool and turn the data into accessible information. The results were often at odds with client data. To then have to explain how the data would inform strategy of future campaigns brought uncertainty to the planning process.

We wanted something for everyone at the agency, no matter what altitude they were at,said Andrew B., founder, Agency X. Granular information for the buying team to help the planning of campaigns. Easily exportable data for quick, offline analysis by the insight team. And high-level dashboard for executives who need to know everything about client campaign performance.

Agency X started working with TVSquared and an e-commerce client was one of the first to use ADvantage. It loaded historic TV campaign and web data into the tool and that is when the relationship turned. As Andrew explained, It wasn’t overnight, but we found the TVSquared information matched within a margin of error of the client’s data. With this renewed confidence, we set about planning the next campaign, and it built from there.

TVSquared works with response-led, e-commerce advertisers globally and there?s a lot of noise, in terms of the response activity. ADvantage dynamically calibrates during the campaign to establish an hourly web-activity baseline. This continuous approach is unique and ensures the changes in seasonality and daytime activity are understood. TVSquared accurately splits out the web response that is due to TV advertising against that which is likely to have come from other campaign or search activity. It allows advertisers to place a value on visitors who responded to a TV ad.

The Solution

The Results

The client had tasked Agency X with the objective of driving traffic to its website. The agency ran the campaign for three months, improving the cost-per-visit (CPV) by 59%, with a 6% improvement in the first month.

Our agency is making better decisions, taking away the guesswork,said Andrew. Using TVSquared saved the relationship with one client and since we started using it, we have gone from strength to strength. The client is now constantly on TV and has increased its TV budget.

We give all clients access to the TVSquared online portal, as we believe successful agencies don’t hold anything back from clients. It’s a transparent approach that creates collaboration. It also helps that the tool is very easy to use.

Andrew B.

Founder and Chief vision officer, agency x