Diet Chef

Company optimizes TV media spend and lowers CPA by 33%

Quick View

  • Diet Chefs online response to TV advertising is 35-times greater than phone response
  • It leveraged TVSquared’s ADvantage to access same-day performance feedback for TV ad campaigns
  • Using ADvantages insights, Diet Chef targeted potential users more efficiently and decrease its cost per acquisition (CPA) by 33% in the first six months

The Problem

As the UK’s leading provider of direct-to-consumer diets, Diet Chef faced the same challenges as every direct-response TV (DRTV) advertiser: maximizing spend and minimizing wasted ad investments.

Even with a multimillion-dollar budget, Diet Chef did not have same-day knowledge of the impact of its advertising spend and where and when to deploy it for the greatest effect.

The systems it had looked at previously had issues with attribution accuracy, speed and integration with Diet Chef’s existing infrastructure.

Diet Chef turned to TVSquared and, after a successful pilot program, deployed the the ADvantage platform to better determine the allocation of TV spend.

TVSquared enabled Diet Chef to manage, on a daily basis, the reprioritization of consumer delivery of its advertising messages.

At a glance, the company was able to see how its campaigns were performing by channel, genre, time, day, program and copy.

Diet Chef was able to track online responses through to sales value per customer, which allowed it to evaluate airtime beyond cost per response (CPR) to CPA.

The Solution

The Results

According to Diet Chef, TVSquared enabled the business to reduce CPA by 33% in six months and:

  • Optimize future airtime by channel, time, genre, day and program based on efficiency of return.
  • Identify what advertising copy was working by channel and time of day.
  • Monitor continued impact on increased return on investment (ROI) and decreased waste.

ADvantage would offer any response advertiser an unparalleled opportunity to drive increased sales at decreased cost. For us, that allows us to not only spend more effectively but also spend more, knowing the profit yields will return to the bottom line and continue to build our leadership position in the industry.

Brigitte Read

Marketing Director, Diet Chef