Budget Direct

A bellwether in the use of analytics to optimize TV planning and buying

Quick View

  • One of Australia’s largest insurance providers was frustrated by the inability to directly attribute TV spots to web activity
  • Budget Direct worked with TVSquared to optimize performance of campaigns on a CPA basis
  • The use of ADvantage coincided with Budget Direct’s most successful integrated ad campaign in company history

The Problem

As one of Australia’s leading insurance providers, Budget Direct has a large ad budget because TV performance is critical in the highly competitive insurance market. Due to this, Budget Direct has worked hard to be a leader in the area of TV ad campaign performance optimization.

Budget Direct was using sophisticated analytic techniques to optimize performance across channels, but it was frustrated by the inability to directly attribute TV spots to web activity. Since TV is a significant part of its overall marketing mix, Budget Direct wanted to find a tool that could fill this gap. This involved a worldwide search for a solution with enough rigor and smarts to deliver credible data.

Budget Direct chose TVSquared to measure, optimize and report the performance of campaigns on a cost-per-acquisition (CPA) basis.

According to Jonathan Kerr, the company’s director of marketing and digital, we reviewed all of the TV attribution tools on the market, in all corners of the world, and selected TVSquared. It’s the most advanced TV attribution tool globally and is leading its industry.

Budget Direct’s strategic approach to TV buying is to move toward programmatic planning. The company’s objective was to buy spot-by-spot to get the highest performance and ROI in TV advertising.

The Solution

The Results

Today, Budget Direct uses ADvantage to track user journeys from when a TV ad is aired, to when they visit the website or call the contact center, all the way to payment. The data is then used to identify the best- and worst-performing spots and applied to the planning of future campaigns.

For the under-performing spots, we optimize PPC keywords and worked closely with sales houses to iterate the schedule to get the best mix from available inventory, said Kerr. Going forward, the optimization continues to get more sophisticated with every set of results and campaign periods we run.

The use of TVSquared coincided with the most successful integrated ad campaign in company history. Budget Direct is confident that its relentless approach to TV optimization played an important role in the significant sales growth.

TV buying is evolving: it is being automated and we wanted to be an early adopter of technology that uses this approach to get the most from our investment. TVSquared is the first tool that is able to credibly, directly attribute individual TV spots to web activity and we felt there was an opportunity to optimize TV advertising performance.

Jonathan Kerr

Director of Marketing and Digital, Budget Direct