Measurement of the Entire TV Ad Universe

We measure the complete TV universe, enabling accurate, always-on, identity-enabled measurement and attribution, at scale, for advertisers everywhere – driving brand growth and maximizing audience reach.

Cross-Platform, Cross-Channel, Cross-Screen


Understand impression delivery with reach and frequency metrics, and quantify reach extension across platforms and channels.


Tie TV advertising to business outcomes, and prove campaign effectiveness – from immediate response to longer-term brand impact.


Identify optimal audience segments, and leverage insights to inform targeting and activation across all forms of TV advertising.

A Unified Platform to
Power It All

InnovidXP serves as the single source of truth for all forms of TV – inclusive of linear, CTV and addressable for local, regional, national and global TV advertisers. With a view across the converged TV marketplace, covering platforms, screens and devices, we solve for audience fragmentation with identity-enabled TV measurement – at scale.

Measure Reach
and Frequency

Achieve a holistic view of your total TV media investment with cross-platform measurement, inclusive of incremental reach and ad delivery across linear and streaming campaigns.
  • Impression delivery across channels and audiences
  • Accurate reach and frequency metrics
  • Optimal reach and frequency for the
    greatest efficiency
  • Incremental reach beyond linear and across streaming platforms

Quantify TV Impact & Business Outcomes

Measure the immediate and longer-term business impact of converged TV campaigns with full-funnel analytics and rapid speed to insight.
  • Online and offline outcomes
  • KPIs that matter to you – sales, registrations, app activities, web visits, in-store traffic and more
  • Complete TV ROI, from total campaign to individual publishers and media channels

Inform Activation with Audience Analytics

Link authenticated household-level viewing data along the customer journey for advanced audience analytics that inform activation.
  • Audience reach and response across channels, platforms and screens
  • Campaign optimization for audiences most
    likely to convert
  • First- and third-party audience data tied to ad exposure for identity resolution

Bigger Scale, Better Solutions


Complete cross-platform view with the granularity and accuracy to inform in-flight optimizations and audience activations


Integrations with
MVPDs, broadcasters, streaming publishers, ad servers, DSPs and the wider adtech ecosystem

Unmatched Matching Processes

Solves fragmentation
with identity, at scale, via 1:1 direct deterministic matching at the household level

Always On …

Continuously refreshed platform with real-time reporting for always-on, actionable analysis


TVSquared lets us look through the noise to see which spots are working for us, which spots aren’t, which creative works, which creative works on which channels. There’s so much data and you can never use too much.

Aaron Sanandres
CEO & Co-Founder

Global food delivery company, Delivery Hero, measures TV campaigns, using reach, performance and audience insights to optimize app activity, downloads and online orders in 40+ countries.

Delivery Hero: TV to Web+App
Global Case Study

As a company, our business objectives and also the success metrics that we’re seeing are shifting and changing every day, so we need to be able to react to this and, through TV optimizations, we can absolutely do this.

Stephanie Junge-Filipek
Senior Director of Brand Marketing