IAB ALM 2022: Measurement – Move Forward or Kindly Exit the Arena

The advertising industry has energy like no other, which was refreshingly evident at last week’s IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in New York. For many, myself included, it marked the first in-person event of the year (and one of the very few in the last two years). Three days hardly felt like enough time to explore all that is happening when it comes to the transformation of media. From heated discussions to a mix of inspiring and equally frustrating conversations, TV measurement was heavily debated and discussed throughout the event. Thank you to David Cohen and his team for making us feel like the IAB has our back.

Measurement was unpacked from both the buy- and sell-side perspectives, focusing on advertiser demand for accurate, fast, transparent ways to effectively and efficiently reach and engage with audiences across devices and platforms, along with ongoing discussions on legacy processes and currencies.

While I was encouraged to hear productive discussions around progress and change, there was no denying that inertia continues to hinder industry advances. Tuesday’s opening panel, “The Great Measurement Debate,” resulted in 30 minutes of three currency contenders putting their egos ahead of collaboration. It made me realize, yet again, that time is running away from us, and everyone in the ecosystem must try an alternative industry standard.

This industry is filled with a lot of noise and has a long history of overcomplicating things. So, what are we to do? We are entering an ecosystem where multiple, tradable currencies will be at play. To make the most of a more diverse and accessible marketplace, we must find a way to count and ascribe value in a similar way. And that will never happen without industry-wide collaboration, putting the advertiser first and, most importantly, taking action. Oh, and a universal agreement to leave egos at the door. If legacy players and emerging tech companies can’t get onboard, then they will become irrelevant and/or find themselves in a position that is not entirely independent.

Overall, I was encouraged to hear other industry peers echo these sentiments. From Ampersand’s session on overcoming fragmentation (and the privacy and consumer experience challenges that come with it) to drive a true, omnichannel world, to Comscore’s town hall on creating a common language for measurement.  

The reality is, full cross-platform, cross-screen, cross-device measurement and attribution are happening, at scale, today. TVSquared, now as part of Innovid, is proud to be in a strong position to unite the linear and digital TV universe. We will work together to establish a currency-grade standard for cross-platform measurement built on the scale and automation of an independent ad server. You can read more about what the combination of TVSquared and Innovid means to the market in a recent The Wall Street Journal article.

IAB ALM officially set the tone of the key themes we should expect to see in 2022 and has outlined heavy ambitions for the wider media ecosystem. Measurement has and will continue to take stage as it directly relates to ongoing debates and objectives set by the industry around new currencies, the convergence of TV and digital, the use of first- and third-party data and approaches to identity resolution.

We’re excited to see those that are open for change and collaboration in the measurement arena!