Beet.TV: TVSquared Leaders Set the Stage for the Next Phase in TV’s Evolution

TVSquared's President, Jo Kinsella, and SVP of Identity & Partnerships, Jessica Hindlian, respectively, sat down with Beet.TV to discuss what is needed for cross-platform TV measurement and advanced TV advertising to better serve marketers’ needs.

In her interview, Jo emphasized the importance of moving beyond the walled gardens (and egos) that have held back the TV industry for far too long, making true, transparent collaboration difficult up to this point. She explained that the companies that produce TV shouldn’t be “grading their own homework” by launching their own currencies. Instead, a horizontal ecosystem consisting of major, global platform players, including TVSquared, is necessary to conduct measurement, find audiences across platforms and screens and help advertisers transact in real time.

Meanwhile, Jessica spoke to how data latency remains an issue. She stated that, especially as TV now encompasses streaming in addition to linear platforms, it’s not just about the ability to use and match audience data. Rather, the speed by which this process can happen also plays an integral role in converged TV campaigns’ efficacy. In the current TV era, onboarding an audience and optimizing ad campaigns as necessary needs to be done in real time; it can no longer take days or weeks, as advertisers will miss out on opportunities to reach and engage with desired audiences.