VAB Inspire: Realize the Power of Cross-Platform TV Advertising with TVSquared

February 8, 2021

Last week, TVSquared’s President, Jo Kinsella, joined VAB’s EVP, Danielle DeLauro, for a webinar discussion on the roles of measurement, outcomes and audience in the exciting new wave of TV. Jo also provided a comprehensive overview of ADvantage XP, TVSquared’s new, premier analytics platform to measure the effectiveness of linear, addressable and OTT across any device.

Here are some of the key takeaways from the conversation:

  • Jo stressed how cross-platform TV measurement empowers advertisers to track customers through the purchase funnel to conversion, identify if an ad works based on specific performance KPIs and learn if they reached the audience they wanted (or if they also unlocked a new audience they didn’t expect).
  • Danielle added how 2020 accelerated the mindsets of both marketers and consumers alike—with the greater move toward streaming playing an essential role in this.
  • “It’s possible for all sides of the [industry] to win,” said Jo, but we need to collaborate with each other. When you can show TV advertisers actionable insights that put them in a better position to drive business goals, they will spend more.
  • Danielle elaborated on the need for action when it comes to capturing nimble, multi-platform viewers. Both buyers and sellers need to prioritize precise targeting and measurement.
  • Jo explained how the only way to meet the industry’s demands is with new technology. ADvantage XP is responding to these demands by providing one platform for advertisers to fully understand their TV strategy, across all platforms and screens. It’s bringing down the walled gardens, allowing linear and digital to exist in the same platform—making TV an always-on marketing channel.

Watch the full webinar on demand here.

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