TVSquared and Blockgraph Launch Innovative TV and Cross-Channel Measurement Solution

September 17, 2020

NEW YORK – Sept. 17, 2020 – TVSquared, a global leader in TV measurement and attribution, and Blockgraph, a privacy-focused audience connectivity, collaboration and authentication platform for media companies, have partnered to provide omni-channel TV measurement and audience activation.

As the cookie crumbles alongside the convergence of linear and digital video channels, understanding audiences and securely connecting data is critical. By combining TVSquared’s measurement of reach and frequency across all linear and OTT services, and Blockgraph’s peer-to-peer audience insights and authentication platform, the partnership makes cross-channel measurement and identity resolution a reality for advertisers.

“Attempts to solve for the needs of today’s TV ecosystem with technology that is decades old is a losing battle,” said Jo Kinsella, President, TVSquared. “The only way for advertisers to effectively and efficiently buy on a cross-platform basis is with world-class measurement and audience identity resolution. TVSquared and Blockgraph have the capabilities needed to solve for this in a way that meets the privacy, security and data concerns of the new world.”

“Blockgraph was born out of the need for a safer, better alternative to bringing data to the TV ecosystem,” said Jason Manningham, CEO, Blockgraph. “We have partnered with TVSquared because it is also focused on developing a more connected and sustainable advertising ecosystem. TVSquared and Blockgraph are shaping the future of ‘data driven’ TV and Premium Video by providing reliable measurement and insights to the advanced TV and premium video marketplace. This is not a future state, it is happening now.”

Through the partnership, advertisers are afforded a fast, trusted and connected way to more accurately and cost-efficiently measure reach and frequency across Linear, Addressable, VOD, and Digital Video environments. It also provides a way to analyze outcomes across aggregated households, in order to identify optimizations to improve performance. All of this is accomplished within a privacy-focused architecture that facilitates secure and permissioned direct connections between brands, publishers, and their measurement partners without the need for third-party matching providers. At the same time, the partnership also provides sellers with proof that their media can be optimized to reach the right audiences and drive real business outcomes.

This partnership will transform the way the industry thinks about using data to best support the cross-platform advertising ecosystem so that all inventory drives the right return for advertisers

About TVSquared

TVSquared is the largest global enterprise platform for cross-screen, multi-touch attribution across all forms of linear and digital TV content. TVSquared’s always-on analytics platform empowers brands, agencies, networks and publishers to quantify TV’s impact, tie TV to business outcomes and optimize ad performance across TV everywhere. Thousands of advertisers in more than 70 countries work with TVSquared to measure TV across millions of households and billions of ad impressions. Learn more at

About Blockgraph

Blockgraph is an industry-operated data and insights platform that helps media companies and advertisers securely and transparently collaborate to apply data across TV and premium video inventory.  With a commitment to creating a better, safer, and more sustainable advertising ecosystem, Blockgraph provides data connectivity and authenticated data solutions to advertisers, agencies, publishers, distributors and their technology partners.  Blockgraph is owned by three of the largest media and video distribution companies in the world: Comcast NBCUniversal, Charter Communications, Inc. and ViacomCBS Inc.  For more information, please visit Blockgraph at

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