TV Talk with Jo Kinsella: Staying Relevant During a Global Crisis, with VAB’s Danielle DeLauro

April 20, 2020

In our second TV Talk episode, Jo Kinsella, President of TVSquared, sits down with Danielle DeLauro, EVP at the VAB (Video Advertising Bureau), to discuss TV advertising for brands in the time of COVD-19. Jo and Danielle share insights on TV performance (including OTT platforms), ad spend and viewing trends and offer tangible, real-world advice that every advertiser needs to consider right now—whether they are increasing their TV presence or not.

Coping With the “New Normal

Transitioning to a “work from home” culture certainly hasn’t been easy for businesses that weren’t previously set up to do so. Danielle is a firm believer that you can get as much work done at home as you can in the office, though new hurdles and distractions do make things a bit harder.

TV Viewership Trends

VAB is seeing a huge uptick in TV viewership. TV is playing a dual role of being a constant source of information during a pandemic, as well as an emotional distraction and a place that people can congregate around—as a sort of “water cooler” of the household. Danielle sees a lot of opportunities for specific programming genres right now. For instance, VAB is seeing late night and overnight TV viewership go up, as many people no longer have to wake up early.

Audience Engagement Across Twitter

As a vast majority of people are isolated in their homes, many are turning to Twitter to talk about their favorite TV shows. The VAB is conducting an ongoing analysis using Twitter to identify the top 10 “trending topics” that people are talking about. Most of the time, people are talking about current TV or hashtags related to past TV-related content.

TV’s Value in a Time of Crisis

People are doing anything they can right now to be informed or distracted. And in a lot of homes right now, you also have people who don’t normally live together (kids returning home, people who took in their parents, etc.) Danielle is seeing a sampling of different types of programs as households share different types of programming. Marketers should also keep co-viewing in mind for multiple audiences.

Check out the full episode HERE on our TV Talk page.

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