TV Talk: Thinking Outside the Parsley Box

July 1, 2020

TV Talk with Jo Kinsella welcomes the first brand to the podcast! Jo is joined by Linzi Clingan, Marketing Director at UK-based brand Parsley Box, to talk about the company’s first TV ad campaign, the boom in sales during the pandemic and what the future looks like for the food delivery brand.

Food Delivery During a Pandemic

Parsley Box was experiencing steady growth before the pandemic, but since COVID-19, it’s been meteoric – up by nearly 3x since January 1. In fact, the company went from 500 orders to 3,000 orders overnight after the UK went into lockdown. Since many of its customers are senior citizens, this service has been a saving grace for them (as well as their relatives and caretakers) during the pandemic.

Dipping Into the TV Pool

On June 1, Parsley Box’s first TV ad hit the airwaves in the UK. Previously, the brand’s promotion efforts had relied on offline press and word of mouth. TV has given them a chance to target people further down the funnel, and with many advertisers pulling out of TV during the pandemic, there was also an opportunity to try out a new medium to reach their quickly growing consumer base. With this entry to TV, they are running 45% ahead of where they thought they would be in terms of response as of July.

Authenticity During a Vulnerable Time

Parsley Box has gone above and beyond with customer service during the pandemic. Building relationships with a vulnerable customer base, and hiring additional employees to help fill the surge in delivery orders, has allowed them to excel and thrive in a competitive marketplace during this challenging time.

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