TV Talk: The UK Landscape, with Stuart Smith

June 1, 2020

In episode eight of TV Talk with Jo Kinsella, Jo chats with Stuart Smith, Managing Director at Mostly Media. He shared a UK perspective on how clients are using TV to take business to the next level, how (and if) strategies will change due to COVID-19 and the ways in which UK inventory price drops have allowed new advertisers to enter the space.

High Viewership + Low Inventory Prices = Massive Opportunity

Stuart says how the heightened TV viewership in the UK, which is a result of stay-at-home orders, has allowed advertisers to engage with people whom were difficult to reach pre-COVID.

In conjunction with increased viewership, UK TV advertisers are also benefiting from the lowest inventory prices since the ‘90s! In some cases, this pricing is cheaper by over 50%. This reduced cost has also made TV more accessible to brands that never advertised on this medium previously. Stuart says how the value that UK brands are able to buy right now is second to none: ads reaching a greater amount of people, along with hugely deflated prices for ad placements—all while delivering a strong ROI.

The “TV Difference”

Stuart discusses how powerful TV is for clients that have “hit a ceiling” when it comes to growth. TV is the medium that is capable of taking brands across the board to the next level—for driving performance, in addition to the fact that TV still has the largest reach capabilities for advertisers looking to attract new interest or maintain brand awareness.

The Future of Agencies

While TV advertising in the UK has made some great strides forward, Stuart explains how the backend systems are still old-fashioned. Pre-COVID, TV ad agencies were expected to book about two months in advance. Now, as agencies are working to get new clients on TV within quicker timeframes, it’s apparent just how much flexibility this business really needs for those on the backend—and, ultimately, to benefit advertisers.

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