TV Talk: The Swivel Chair Pivot, with IAB's Sheryl Goldstein

June 12, 2020

This week on TV Talk with Jo Kinsella, Jo welcomes Sheryl Goldstein, EVP of Member Engagement and Development at the IAB, to talk about the shifts in how businesses are currently operating amidst COVID-19. She discusses how we can encourage company culture in a “virtual world,” the re-forecasting of revenue and expenses for streamed events and, ultimately, how we can meet clients where they are.

The Reboot Before Reentry

Business leaders are pivoting literally (in their work-from-home swivel chairs) and figuratively as they shift how they operate during the pandemic. Sheryl notes that this is “equalizing everybody.” Every business has the same opportunity to pitch and present because the days of tiered sponsorship events are gone; we are all just little black boxes on a Zoom screen now. This time calls for us to really help each other and meet clients needs where they are.

Taking Care of Internal Needs

The leaders that Sheryl has talked to all have a high-alert concern for the well-being of their teams. There is burnout and fatigue from the onslaught of Zoom calls, as well as dealing with the mental ramifications of living through an unprecedented time.

“You have to be hypersensitive to the situations your teams are in today and in the future,” states Sheryl. “Uncertainty breeds nervousness. Genuine caring is key.”

Employees may be dealing with anxiety about potential layoffs, so it is important to be open and transparent with team members.

Rethinking the Talent Pool

Sheryl notes, “Something like 36K jobs were eliminated in the ad space since the pandemic hit.”

But with working from home becoming the new normal, the talent pool just became much bigger, since there is now ample opportunity to hire individuals across the globe. Think about the people who have stopped applying for jobs based on location because they don’t want to pick up and move. There is now more open-mindedness with employees and employers alike.

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