TV Talk: Mixing Art and Science, with Marketing Architects

May 15, 2020

This week on TV Talk with Jo Kinsella, Jo sat down with Chuck Hengel, CEO and Founder ofMarketing Architects, to discuss how the funnel has changed during COVID-19, the importance of using AI to maximize shifts in inventory and why attribution and proof of performance are essential right now.

Predicting Performance with AI

Marketing Architects is doing incredible things with AI. Instead of spending the time and resources to produce four or five ad spots, MA is producing a dozen concepts, feeding it into an AI platform to predict performance (which spots are expected to do the best) and then creating only the high-performing spots – allowing them to be more cost-effective in the market.

Industry Response

“I’ve never seen a wider range of outcomes right now for the advertisers we are watching and the advertisers we work with,” says Chuck.

MA has advertisers in the food space who are up 18x after finding ways to pivot during the pandemic. In a time of crisis, Chuck reflects on 9/11 and how brands need to “lean in” during a trying time. Although consumers are adapting and changing their needs during a crisis, they are still living their lives, so it is important that brands do not go dark.

A Shifting Consumer Funnel

COVID-19 has required a lot of industries to shift creative messaging in the blink of an eye. MA says every client except one has new creative in market. Chuck talks about how the consumer funnel is changing and becoming more digital (e.g. clients who had a visit to a clinic but are now doing it through a Zoom call). They are seeing change across the entire ecosystem that feeds TV.

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