TV Talk: The "Attention Stack" and What Data-Driven Really Means

April 28, 2020

In our fourth episode of TV Talk with Jo Kinsella, Jo sits down with Albert Thompson, the Managing Director of Digital at Walton Isaacson, to discuss what he is seeing/hearing from clients during COVID-19, how advertisers can adapt to viewing trends in flux, the roles of OTT and live video and why being data-driven is important now more than ever.

Importance of the Attention Stack 

Where are consumers putting their attention? People are losing themselves in various moments across devices, making it extremely hard to track and predict. The “attention stack” is using different strategies to test and learn different media types in order to drive consumer business. You can use the attention stack to build business objectives and dissect which media types are working.

Advertisers' Response in a Crisis

Albert is seeing a vast array of responses from advertisers. Some immediately dipped into a triage scenario, as they take into account the weight of the pandemic. Many are re-writing their financial plans, while many others have paused. And then there are those clients who have regrouped and know their path forward, updating their messaging to stay relevant during the crisis.

Current Attitudes on OTT

COVID-19 is accelerating the streaming of audio and video content. Albert notes that people find comfort in what OTT has delivered during this crisis and expects it to be a mainstay in spending behavior. Walton Isaacson has also seen a heavy shift into digital audio, as people have shifted home and are rarely listening to radio in their cars.

Check out the full episode here. TV Talk with Jo Kinsella is also available via Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Podcasts.

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