TV Drives Performance Amid COVID-19

August 18, 2020

As part of TVSquared and Effectv’s new report on the ways in which TV has impacted advertisers’ ability to drive digital engagement during the global pandemic, TVSquared looked at which brand categories saw higher rates of TV-attributed response in the wake of COVID-19. Specifically, this analysis was based on data from late January through mid-April 2020.

Top-performing categories revealed these two trends:

  • An immediate spike at the start of lockdown, followed by performance increases that were still higher than pre-COVID levels
  • A more gradual increase in the weeks following lockdown

Furthermore, the verticals with the highest response rates during this time period also had significantly higher response levels compared to pre-COVID:

  • Retail (eCommerce) – +100%
  • Online Food Delivery – +84%
  • Education – +41%

These category-level insights show that, in light of the global pandemic, audiences are leaning into TV more than ever. During this time, TV has proven to be a powerful platform for reaching and influencing consumers. Even in such a dynamic landscape, TV will continue to drive performance for advertisers across categories.

Plus, thanks to accurate, real-time TV attribution, it has never been more possible to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of TV buys across platforms. TV analytics are shaping how advertisers plan their TV investments over the next 6-12 months, making TV attribution an essential part of any advertiser’s marketing strategy.

Download TVSquared and Effectv’s eBook, “The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital,” here for even more insights—including deep dives into specific advertisers.

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