TV Drives Digital: Creatives and Consistency

July 17, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a new reality for everyone. Not only have the majority of us adjusted to working from home, but the financial impact of the pandemic has altered the ways in which consumers interact with brands and how they prioritize and buy products or services. With consumers spending more time at home, TVSquared and Effectv partnered to analyze TV’s impact on digital during COVID-19, including the short- and long-term implications of staying on-air, the impact of COVID-19 across ad categories and the effectiveness of pandemic-related creative changes.

Creatives & Consistency

During the first few weeks of lockdown, TVSquared saw drops in TV ad spend. Then, spend began to increase as brands came back on-air with more situationally appropriate creatives to reach audiences who now had different mindsets and priorities than pre-lockdown. TVSquared and Effectv analyzed brands from across categories, between March and April 2020, that changed creatives to address the pandemic, and compared their performance against the brands that did not.

The key takeaway? Brands that ran COVID-19 creatives saw an average lift of +37% in immediate website visitors. Those that did not amend creatives only saw an average lift of +13% in immediate visitors.

Consistent Airing Schedules is Key

In the same analysis, another key trend emerged among brands that ran COVID-19 messaging in their creatives. While changing creatives to be more COVID-focused did increase performance in most cases, maintaining a consistent and well-rounded airing schedule of those spots was even more critical for success. The brands that maintained a consistent, week-by-week airing schedule of their COVID creatives saw, on average, a +41% increase in immediate visitors. Brands that ran similar creatives but had inconsistent schedules actually saw a decrease in immediate visitors of -24%.

A Closer Look at Creatives by Vertical

Automotive: Advertisers that ran COVID-focused creatives AND maintained consistent airing schedules saw, on average, a +153% increase in immediate visitors, but those with inconsistent airing schedules saw a decrease in visitors (-14%).

Home Improvement: In March and April, home improvement remained one of the top performing categories among all TVSquared clients globally. Home improvement brands that stayed on-air, with consistent COVID messaging, saw an average increase of +52% in immediate visitors. Meanwhile, those with inconsistent COVID-19 ad airings had a decrease of -41%.

Financial Services: Among analyzed financial services brands, those with consistent schedules of COVID-19 ads saw a +37% average in immediate visitors, while those with inconsistent COVID-19 schedules saw a decrease of -21%. The ones that stayed on-air , and with non-COVID-19 ads, saw an average increase of +16%.

To learn more about the impact that TV can have on brands’ digital footprint, and specifically how TV ads can drive website traffic and engagement to push consumers down-funnel, download TVSquared and Effectv’s new eBook, The Halo Effect: TV Drives Digital.

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