The Final "Bake Off" - Indulgent Escapism!

November 25, 2020

We’re back with the final set of insights from “The Great British Bake Off!” With the bakers whittled down from twelve to three, this year’s season has not been without contentious decisions; there were a few send-offs that viewers didn’t agree with, resulting in some very vocal social spats!

But, finally, it was down to Peter, Dave and Laura to compete for the 2020 crown—and bake their hearts out! In the end, it was a very close call between Dave and Peter, as Laura suffered disaster after disaster, coming third in every discipline. The season finale proved a winner for Channel 4, earning a record-breaking average audience of  9.2 million: the highest rated Channel 4 show since records began in 2002!

Now, on to TVSquared’s analysis of TV-driven ad performance during this final “Bake Off!” Sainsbury’s proved to be the star among food retailers with a 3x uplift in post-ad response for their “Home is Christmas” creative, while Oral B’s io was the ad hit of the night, with a 33x increase.

Meanwhile, in the luxury goods market, the battle of the fragrances was won by Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, which gained a 10-fold increase in post-ad performance, while Just Eat outstripped its food delivery rivals, with a 2x uplift in response. (It’s worth a mention here that Snoop Dog performed much better than the product he promotes, seeing a 25-fold increase in post-ad search!)

The night’s ultimate advertiser crown, however, goes to Netflix, which saw a huge 45x increase in online search, following its trailer for “Bridgerton.”

As for the bakers? Well, I’m very pleased to say that it was Peter who won the accolade of Great British Baker 2020, making him the youngest contestant to carry the title in its 11-year history (and the first Scot)!

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