Shaping Your Streaming Strategy, with Tubi and TVSquared

January 22, 2021

As the lines between linear and streaming continue to blur, the future of TV is here: a cross-platform universe where content reigns. CTV (aka the device used to watch OTT streaming services) provides advertisers with a much-needed boost on measurability, and offers media owners the ability to prove their worth in a crowded space. Whether testing enhanced targeting strategies, understanding new audiences reached or tracking conversions, performance is the cornerstone of all streaming strategies.

During our latest webinar, TVSquared’s President, Jo Kinsella, and Tubi‘s VP of Advertising Partnerships, Tyler Fitch, unpacked this critical topic. Here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Jo explained how the global pandemic accelerated the need for cost optimization, which has led more and more advertisers to lean into measurement and attribution. It’s also cemented the importance of being nimble—a key trait among the most successful brands during this time. She added, “Content is king, it’s just where you watch it,” and making sure you can measure it across any platform.
  • Tyler stressed that tracking performance is not one-size fits alls. Advertisers need to measure what matters most to their specific brand, whether it’s website visits, app downloads, in-store purchases, brand perception, etc.
  • They delved into the important topic of identify. Tyler said how further solving for identify will make measurement even better, while Jo explained how “the walled gardens are starting to come down.” Ultimately, it’s vital to empower marketers with the best possible experience, so they can know the exact audience they’re reaching, identify the value in being on multiple platforms, etc..
  • Jo and Tyler spoke of Winn-Dixie as an example of a company that used OTT to extend its reach beyond traditional linear TV. By working with TVSquared and Tubi, this supermarket chain found that 79% of households reached were incremental to linear inventory.

Listen to the full on-demand webinar here.

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