Empowering Advertisers During a Time of Crisis

August 5, 2020

A few days ago, TVSquared’s President, Jo Kinsella, was the featured guest on TVOT’s weekly talk show, “Televisionation: Friday Fireside” with Rick Howe, The iTV Doctor. Jo discussed TVSquared’s continual growth, how COVID-19 has forced the TV industry to embrace the importance of measuring campaigns, how TV drives business goals and much more.

The full interview is a must-watch, candid discussion, but here are a few of the key takeaways:

  • Now more than ever, advertisers need to account for every ad dollar and make sure their buys are “working”—as in whether or not a buy is garnering response to a brand’s website or app, driving upper funnel intent and consideration goals and achieving ample reach and frequency. To accurately see what’s really working, advertisers are insisting upon proof of performance and measurement at an unprecedented scale—ultimately, taking the power back when it comes to the TV buying process. Jo stresses the importance of real-time attribution and TV performance analytics, asking, “Why would you buy something if you cannot prove that it’s working?”
  • More and more companies are approaching TV with a digital mindset, including direct-to-consumer brands as well as advertisers that have had to pivot to a more ecommerce-focused model due to the ongoing pandemic.
  • Research from Effectv and TVSquared has found that when advertisers stay on-air and are consistent with their creatives as well as messaging, they have a much higher longer-term impact than the ones that only air on TV in sporadic bursts.
  • Jo emphasizes that real-time TV attribution across all platforms and screens isn’t something yet to be realized in the future; it’s happening right now. Together, TVSquared and Sky are measuring digital, linear and addressable TV all through a single platform. Advertisers can now understand TV’s impact, regardless of how high or low it sits in the marketing funnel, and, in turn, the full customer journey.

Watch the interview in its entirety here.

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