DTC Brands: Cross-Platform TV Ad Trends for 2020

November 24, 2020

While 2020 has been a year unlike any other, direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have emerged not just surviving, but thriving. Taking full advantage of the rise in cross-platform TV viewership, DTCs have been instrumental in making TV more measurable, targetable and optimizable.

For our latest eBook, we analyzed billions of impressions and millions of TV spots from DTC advertisers across categories to uncover insights into impression delivery and performance by programming genre, creative, day of week and more.

Key findings include:

  • Comedies Provide an Escape Globally: While News was the most frequently invested genre among the DTCs we analyzed, Comedies proved to be a top performer for outcomes and cost per response (CPR) across OTT and linear. The analysis found that Comedies drove 81% above-average response and 43% more efficient CPR. Talk Shows, Movies, Sports and Reality genres rounded out the most effective and efficient buys.
  • Fridays and Prime Access Perform: Friday was not only the top-performing day of week (32% above-average response) for national linear, but it was also the most efficient in terms of cost per response (CPR). For local, Prime Access, the hour before traditional Prime (when local news often airs), took the top-performing spot (47% above-average response).
  • 15-Second Spots Rise to the Top: While the 30-second spot had the strongest performance in our 2019 analysis, the 15-second spot length took the “top spot” this year for both national and local.
  • Mid-Week Reigns Across OTT Platforms: On ad-supported streaming services, Wednesday delivered the highest number of impressions (+19%, compared to the average) for the analyzed DTC brands. Wednesday proved to be cost effective as well; its CPR was 7% more cost effective than the average cost!

“TV is a crucial part of our global media mix for both reach and outcomes,” said Alberto Corral, Senior Director of Marketing & Business Development, UNTUCKit. “TV measurement is more important than ever to effectively reach and engage with audiences how, when and where they ‘watch TV.’ As a digital-native brand, we rely on real-time data insights to drive all of our media decisions. “

Download our full report, which also features real-world DTC insights from the VAB’s SVP, Director of Strategic Insights, Jason Wiese, here.

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