Don’t Overlook These TV Ad Trends

February 25, 2020

In TVSquared’s latest eBook, we delved into the biggest trends impacting the TV ecosystem this year, namely: the move toward impressions + performance as currency, how over-the-top (OTT) platforms are evolving from tested to trusted, the data wake-up call and the role politics will play in 2020 TV advertising campaigns.

While we identified these as the four biggest trends, they’re far from the only ones that TV advertisers need to know. Here are five more key trends to keep in mind while planning, executing and measuring TV ad campaigns throughout 2020 (and beyond):

1. “TV” Will Have One Clear Definition

In 2020, the term “TV” is finally being defined more broadly as “video content + distribution”: professionally produced programming across linear and digital platforms, everywhere in the world. Gone are the days that TV means linear alone. Today, it is a cross-platform, cross-device, performance-marketing channel.

2. “Always-On” or Nothing

The industry is continuing to take cues from consumers’ viewing habits by providing advertisers with more always-on, accessible tools to maximize performance. Always-on analytics that reflect TV’s impact across the funnel is becoming the expected standard for advertisers. This means minute-level data and analytics on a spot-by-spot basis 24/7/365. Anything less is unacceptable.

3. With Fragmentation, Comes Great Opportunity

The OTT space will continue to fragment, as new players keep coming to the table. It can be overwhelming and time/resource-intensive for advertisers that want to make campaigns work across multiple OTT services. But this fragmentation will offer advertisers a valuable opportunity to reach different audiences, amplify messaging and drive sales and growth. The friction associated with OTT execution, distribution and measurement is being solved with companies coming together to make OTT more accessible and scalable for brands.

4. DTC Goes Local

With local TV players leading the charge on proof of performance, we’re seeing an influx of new advertisers take advantage of the channel, especially direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands. While these digital natives are frequent national TV advertisers (they are e-commerce, so it makes sense!), the majority have shied away from local TV. But with the availability of real-time analytics, and local TV owners embracing performance as a currency, DTCs are increasingly using local to hyper-focus on metros, target regions for expansion and leverage spots to complement national campaigns.

5. Activation Won’t Negate Brand Building

Thanks to second-screening, TV is now a primary driver of digital actions for advertisers. While brands have focused largely on performance recently, some pundits have claimed it has come at the expense of brand building. As 2020 continues, that notion will be retired for good, as advertisers realize they don’t have to compromise; they can have both. Brands will not only measure TV’s short-term spike, but also its longer-term effect. The expectation from marketers will be that they can and will have measurement and proof of performance on TV’s impact, regardless of where it sits in the funnel.

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