Advertisers Need to “Always Be Activating” When it Comes to TV Audiences

March 2, 2021

For TV advertisers, defining audiences, finding them in a fragmenting inventory pool and efficiently and effectively reaching them will never be a one-and-done job. TV is redefining itself in real time, viewership patterns will always change, and content will never truly be one-size-fits all—which is why it’s so important that advertisers are committed to continually learning.

As part of a larger cross-platform measurement strategy, and as targeting becomes more widely adopted for TV in all of its forms, advertisers must prioritize informing and optimizing audience activation. Cross-platform measurement keeps close tabs on the audience reached and the ones most likely to convert. It also helps determine the best opportunities for reach extension. With TV becoming more measurable and targetable, audience is changing by leaps and bounds (far from the way it was traditionally understood). Deeper, precise audience analytics afforded by deterministic data will become the new norm for OTT and data-driven linear campaigns.

This means testing and learning is going to be an ongoing tactic as advertisers use control groups to determine which audience segments are worth the investment (and which ones are not) and discover where to find them. Over time, layering in publishers can significantly help enhance audience targeting strategies, increasing reach and outcomes. In the new world of TV, viewership will always be changing as audiences move across content choices, and media strategies should reflect that. Real-time, always-on analytics is the key ingredient to prioritizing audience activation in the coming year.

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